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Feedbase simplifies feedback collection, feature prioritization, and product update sharing, allowing you to focus on building.

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Capture feedback

Build your feedback community

A place for your users to give feedback, support creative ideas, and have meaningful discussions about product features and improvements.

Prioritize with voting

Stop guessing - let your users tell you what they want to see next.

Allow custom domains
Allow custom domains for each project. This will allow users to use their own domain for the feedback portal.
CTChristo Todorov·2h ago

Categorize your feedback

Simplify feedback organization with tags and statuses for better user understanding.

Discuss with your users

Engage users, answer questions, and foster meaningful product discussions.

Share what's new

Keep your users in the loop

Feedbase adds a touch of enjoyment to help you keep your users informed through an appealing changelog that's simple to create and distribute.

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OG Image support

Set OG image for your changelog posts to make them look great when shared on social media.

OG Image
hub.feedbase.appOG Image supportEasily set an OG image for your changelog posts to make them look great when shared on social media.

Markdown support

Write changelog posts in markdown and Feedbase will automatically convert it to HTML.

Release 1.82

We've fixed a bunch of annoying bugs with this release and also added a few new animations to improve UX.

Who can spot them? 👀

Receive Updates

Users can subscribe to your changelog to automatically get notified when you post an update.

TwitterAccount that users can follow to get updates.
EmailEmail that users can subscribe to.
RSSRSS feed that users can subscribe to.
And much more...
Manage & Customize

Have full control from a single dashboard

Enhance your workflow from a centralized dashboard - analyze feedback, prepare updates, respond to user inquiries, and more!

Fully customizable

Customize your hub to reflect your brand's unique identity and style.



Invite your team members for seamless collaborative hub management.


Connect your favorite tools for maximum productivity.

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